Cloud Hosting

Experience a 40% reduction in IT costs with Doveria's Cloud Hosting, ensuring secure, efficient, and scalable data management for Seniors Living.

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Cyber security

Vigilance in cybersecurity is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Doveria has crafted a Comprehensive Assessment and Action Plan, steeped in the principles of Zero Trust.

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Doveria's PBX solution unifies calls across devices, reducing missed connections by over 50%.

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IT Policy Manual Template for Seniors Living

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Seniors Living, having well-defined IT policy is crucial for operational efficiency, data protection, and compliance adherence. Our IT Policy Manual Template is thoughtfully designed to address the specific challenges faced by Seniors Living providers. Here's how it can benefit your organization

Customized for Seniors Living Compliance

Aligns with industry-specific regulations and standards.

Ensures your organization meets the requirements of bodies such as the Australian Seniors Living Quality and Safety Commission.

Data Security and Privacy

Establishes protocols for the secure handling of resident and staff information.

Provides guidelines for data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlines IT processes to enhance day-to-day operations.

Defines responsibilities and procedures for IT-related tasks, reducing downtime.

Risk Management

Identifies potential IT risks and outlines strategies for mitigation.

Ensures a proactive approach to cybersecurity, safeguarding against potential threats


Adaptable to the evolving needs of your Seniors Living facility.

Easily integrates with existing IT infrastructure and future upgrades.

Training & Awareness

Includes guidelines for staff training on IT policies.

Promotes a culture of cybersecurity awareness and compliance.

Documentation & Reporting

Provides framework for facilitating easy tracking and reporting of IT incidents.

Establishes a documentation system for audits and regulatory reviews.

Continuous Updates

We understand that the IT landscape evolves. Our template comes with provisions for regular updates to stay in line with the latest industry standards and technologies.

Discuss how our IT Policy Manual Template can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your Seniors Living business. Together, let's empower your organization for a secure, compliant, and efficient future.

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By choosing Doveria, you are not just getting an IT Policy Manual Template; you are gaining a strategic partner dedicated to the success of your Seniors Living facility. Invest in the future of your organization with a solid foundation for IT governance.

Elevate Efficiency. Cut Costs.

Doveria’s 20-year legacy in cloud hosting within aged-care is more than just a track record — it’s a testament to our ability to adapt and evolve in a vital sector.

Our services strike a crucial balance between innovative efficiency and the gentle, considered approach needed in Seniors Living. With Doveria, expect up to 40% savings in IT costs, thanks to our streamlined, secure, and scalable cloud solutions.

We are committed to providing a cloud hosting experience that not only meets the demanding needs of Seniors Living facilities but also respects and upholds the sector’s dedicated spirit.

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By choosing Doveria, you are not just getting an IT Policy Manual Template; you are gaining a strategic partner dedicated to the success of your Seniors Living facility. Invest in the future of your organization with a solid foundation for IT governance.

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Doveria’s Cloud PBX with Teams Calling elegantly bridges the gap between traditional and modern communication methods, one number for every device.

This system is not just about unifying communication channels; it’s about crafting a communication workflow that is flexible and specifically tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. Integration is smooth and hassle-free, compatible with a range of third-party products like nurse call systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), and Microsoft Teams.

Answer the call to efficiency. Save time and money without the need to replace existing systems.

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At Doveria, we recognize that the Seniors Living industry demands a vigilant approach to cybersecurity. Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment and Action Plan, designed against a robust Zero Trust framework, empowers your organization to navigate the digital landscape securely. Here's how our tailored solution ensures your cybersecurity readiness.

It’s a hack job.

Cyber crime. Up by 55%

By choosing our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment and Action Plan, you are taking a proactive step towards safeguarding your Seniors Living organization. Our commitment is not just to assess your cybersecurity posture but to guide you in building a resilient and adaptive defense against evolving threats.

Secure your future with Doveria. Contact us today to schedule your Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment and fortify your Seniors Living facility against potential risks. Together, let’s create a cybersecurity strategy that aligns with your organizational goals and the unique challenges of the aged care industry.

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