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Two decades of innovation

Two Decades of Health Care Innovation

For 20 years, Doveria has been at the forefront of health care innovation, especially in Seniors Living. Established in 2004, our journey has been about more than just technology; it's been about making a real difference in the lives of Australia's seniors.

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Are you talking to each other?

Multiple software systems operating in silos is costly, cumbersome and a drain on resource.

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Revolutionizing Seniors Living

Doveria's PaaS empowers Seniors Living providers with : Innovation Acceleration — Deploy new applications 50% faster, driving

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At your service

Elevate Your Seniors Living IT Infrastructure with Tailored Cloud Hosting Solutions At Doveria, we redefine cloud hosting...

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Zero Trust Architecture

Doveria's Digital Security Strategy Model is built on the Zero Trust Architecture, ensuring the highest security standards for Seniors Living providers. Here's a breakdown of its key components and their benefits, explained in an accessible way :

Data Trust (Data-at-Rest Protection)

Protects stored data through classification and loss prevention mechanisms, much like a secure vault for your digital assets, ensuring sensitive resident information is safeguarded with robust database firewalls.

Host Trust

Employs advanced intrusion detection and prevention to act as a vigilant guard against unauthorized access, essentially serving as a dedicated security team for your systems' hosts.

Application Trust

Manages application access through Single Sign-On, which simplifies login processes, and isolates applications, reducing the risk of one application's vulnerability affecting others, akin to compartmentalizing sensitive information for added security.

Network, Perimeter & Environmental Trust

Secures data in transit through network segmentation and transport encryption, much like ensuring data travels through secure, well-guarded paths, while also controlling who has network access.

Device Trust

Focuses on authenticating and managing devices that access your network, ensuring they meet strict compliance standards, akin to verifying the identity and health of each device before it enters your digital space.

User Trust

Strengthens security at the human level with Multi-Factor Authentication and Privilege Access Management to confirm the right people have the right level of access, coupled with fostering a culture of security awareness among users.

Visibility, Analytics & Alerts

Provides clear oversight and insights into security posture through SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) dashboards, and proactive alerts for anomalies, much like a high-tech surveillance system that detects and alerts on any unusual activity.

Discuss how our IT Policy Manual Template can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your Seniors Living business. Together, let's empower your organization for a secure, compliant, and efficient future.

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