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We recognise that the Seniors Living industry demands a vigilant approach to cybersecurity. Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment and Action Plan, designed against a robust Zero Trust framework, empowers your organisation to navigate the digital landscape securely. Here's how our tailored solution ensures your cybersecurity readiness:

Tailored to Aged Care Nuances

Our assessment is finely tuned to the specific challenges and compliance demands of the Seniors Living sector.

Doveria’s 5 layer Zero Trust Model

We scrutinize your security across users, devices, networks, applications, and data, using our own Doveria 5 Layer Zero Trust Model for thorough coverage.

Principle of Least Privilege

ZTA is founded on the idea that organizations should not automatically trust any user or device, no matter where they are located or how they are connected to the network. It operates on a ‘least privilege’ principle, meaning access is given only to the extent necessary​​.

Continuous Verification and Authentication

In Zero Trust Architecture, every user, device, and application attempting to access network resources must go through continuous verification and authentication. This means that trust is never assumed; instead, it must be continually earned and validated​​​​.

Shift in Security Approach

ZTA marks a significant shift from traditional security models. In conventional models, often compared to a ‘castle-and-moat’ approach, once inside the network, users and devices are generally trusted. In contrast, ZTA denies access by default unless it is explicitly granted and consistently verified​​​​.

Focus on Securing Individual Assets and Data

Rather than securing the entire network perimeter, ZTA focuses on protecting individual assets and data. This approach involves stringent identity verification and controlled system access, thus providing perimeter-less security​​.

Applicable to All Users

Zero Trust requires that all users, whether inside or outside an organization’s network, be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before they are allowed to access or retain access to applications and data​​.

Prioritization and Road Map

A clear road map is developed for implementing improvements, with a focus on criticality and impact.

Continuous Improvement

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of cybersecurity, we encourage ongoing improvement through regular reassessments and plan updates.

Doveria offers Seniors Living providers a cost-effective alternative to traditional IT systems, minimizing capital investment by switching to a scalable, pay-as-you-go model. This flexibility is vital in handling the fluctuating demands of Seniors Living, optimizing resource use without the overhead of maintaining extra infrastructure. IaaS also delivers robust disaster recovery and stringent security protocols, safeguarding patient data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Shifting to IaaS frees providers from the complexities of IT management, allowing them to refocus on patient care. The service includes routine maintenance, security updates, and expert support, enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, IaaS gives access to the latest technologies and high-performance infrastructure, ensuring reliable up time and fast system speeds, essential for seamless healthcare operations.

Working with Doveria, Seniors Living providers secure a future-ready, resilient IT foundation, positioning them to meet the evolving demands of Seniors Living.

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