Our Products and Services

Digital Transformation and Infrastructure Review

Our team of experts can support your Digital transformation from design to delivery, in part or in full. We know aged care and the challenges of the multiple systems, security threats, compliance, end user technical knowledge and industry reform. More than just implementing software or new systems, our holistic approach to IT, underpinned by our deep industry and operational knowledge of the sector can guide you to a future proof strategy and priority recommendations for improving your existing infrastructure or digitally transforming your organisation.

Managed Services

Our fixed cost Managed Services allows you to leverage skills from our range of IT specialists to keep your IT systems performing, secure and compliant at a fraction of the cost of retaining these experts yourself. Our digital services team provides 24/7 help desk, monitoring, system maintenance and identification of vulnerabilities, end user and device management and priority support, network and data security, backup and disaster recovery and asset management so you can focus on what you do best while using IT systems that are functioning at optimum performance. Our detailed reporting and analytics provides peace of mind and proactive opportunities for improvement through visibility of the health of your systems and support trends . Our team are experienced in managing both on premises and cloud infrastructure, Microsoft 365 licensing and management and a range of aged care applications.

Cloud Hosting

Whether you are looking to transition some or all of your on premises infrastructure to the cloud or want to move cloud providers, with 10% of all Aged Care residential beds with clinical cloud services hosted by Doveria’s Cloud, we are experts in the unique needs of the aged care sector. With almost 20 years of experience in cloud services, you can trust Doveria’s YourCloud to deliver cost effective, secure, solutions that will provide increased portability, redundancy and uptime backed by advanced monitoring, analytics and alerts. We are an ISO 27001 certified team that is annually audited to comply with 114 controls and are therefore wellplaced to ensure security for your deployments. You get 24/7 support from a highly experienced team for better value.

Cyber Security Audit

An assessment of your current security posture to assist you establish where you are in your Zero Trust implementation journey and provide critical success factors and deployment guidelines to help reach key milestones. This includes an assessment of your organisation's risk across users, end devices, and through your networks hosting, servers, applications and ultimately data. This comprehensive assessment also identifies your risks and provides recommendations and priorities for remediation and with the significant Directors liability for cybersecurity the Assessment can include a presentation to Board or Executive.

Phish Testing

The greatest cybersecurity risk is through your end users becoming victims of phishing by cyber fraudsters. Our targeted phish testing campaigns are designed based on the user risk profile and identify which users, roles, departments or locations present the greatest risk based on how they interact with our phish testing. Suing instant feedback, targeted training and AI based analysis and increasing difficulty your users knowledge is continuously elevated and your risk reduced.


The landline phone. You give out your number, you receive a call. It’s beautifully simple. But today, we’re not always sitting behind a desk. We’ve moved into a world where our mobiles and laptops are at the centre of how we communicate, resulting in multiple contact numbers. Doveria Cloud PBX with Teams Calling brings the two together. Give out one number – your business number – and answer the call on your mobile, desk phone, laptop, or tablet, wherever you’re working with a flexible and tailored call workflow to fit business needs and easy and flexible integration with 3rd party products such as nurse call, BMS, Microsoft Teams, etc. Save money and time and move into the now without the need to replace existing systems.

Call workflow design

Are you losing calls or dealing with frustration from staff, families or suppliers who aren’t able to easily speak to the person they need. We know aged care intimately and can help you design a call flow that considers your caller’s needs, optimises your operational efficiency and ensures that calls and messages aren’t missed.

Policy and Procedure

Customisable for your organisation, our comprehensive suite of policies and procedures is designed for the aged care environment and legislation.


Doveria’s health care focussed Interoperability as a Service Platform you can reduce time and errors on data entry and save money through integration between your business critical systems including Clinical, HR, Quality, Finance, CRM and property management.

Building Management

Doveria’s partnership with one of the worlds leading building management automation companies can turn your existing property into smart buildings with tailored solutions for health and aged care that can start saving you as much as 30-40% from your operations and maintenance costs from day one.