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Developed Products



Beacons App gives a caregiver the relevant information about a resident just by glancing at their device screen as they approach the resident room.

The provision of meaningful person centred care is overshadowed by the time consuming task of sifting through data in order to get relevant information.

The Beacons App uses cutting edge technology to automatically get the relevant information for the right resident at the right time.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy access to residents information using Beacons technology devices to send information direct to any device held by the carer whether that be a smart phone, tablet or smart watch.
  • Access to the most updated resident data pulled from P5 and dispatched on demand.
  • Has a web app that is used to configure beacons automatically via the micro-services to reduce burden on the beacon administrators.

Doveria Notes


Doveria Notes frees your hands so you can fulfil your purpose – to care.

The increasing necessity to ensure standards of care remain at their peak, makes meeting documentation requirements and providing care, all with a broad spectrum of multi-lingual carers, a juggling act.

Doveria Notes puts you at the forefront in documentation and care, ensuring every one of your workforce is keeping the resident status current, relevant, and all while being by their side to care.

Features at a Glance

  • Dictation of progress notes directly into Platinum 5 system
  • Voice recognition and speech synthesising
  • Editing note capability and progress note categorisation for evidence based ACFI prior to saving
  • Accessed via android wear smart watch or tablet