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Current Products

Synaxis Cloud PBX


Communication is fundamental to business growth. People need to communicate when they want to and for the duration of time it takes them to bring forth their message. It is natural then to expect the infrastructure that supports business communication to be reliable, cost effective and provide superior quality communication link.

Organisations also need to have visibility on calls made e.g. caller details, callee details, duration of the call etc. This is for varied reasons e.g. forensics and compliance, traffic management and cost control.

Traditional analogue based telephone systems inherently lack such capabilities, and most IP PABX solutions will not give you a more customised implementation for you business. The solution for you is Synaxis Cloud PBX.

Features at a Glance

  • Integrated VoIP communication system.
  • Enhanced capacity: Can serve over 1000 clients.
  • Interoperability with other business systems
  • Support multiple communication protocols.
  • Support multiple communication devices e.g. physical handsets, smart phones, tablets and communication through the browser.
  • Monitoring call quality for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Video Conference
  • Built in call recording
  • Voice Mail to E mail
  • Centralized Administration
  • Enhanced and detailed  call report

Doveria Dialer


Keeping in touch with your contacts has never been easier until now. Doveria Dialer’s panels allow you to call your contact with a single click of a button.

Do you have vision problems? Tired of having to dig through your contacts to look for someone? Doveria Dialer makes it easy for you to set up panels with photos and names. The panels come with large and easy to read text and can be configured to have different colors. Doveria dialer also comes with a 13-key dial pad with easy to read text that allows you to dial any number.

No need to suffer any more let the easy to use, reliable and high performing Doveria dialer be your go -to dialer.



Features at a Glance

  • 13-key dial pad based on standard Android keypad
  • Large buttons for improved legibility in-case of poor eyesight
  • Multi-coloured 2 Panel dial pad
  • Multi-coloured 4 panel dial pad
  • Contact photos for each pane
  • Easily readable text.